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torture terrace

Cost: $5

Visitor discretion is advised.

On the west end of Moonlit Manor, just out of sight but still within earshot, is a terrifying place called Torture Terrace.

Here, no pain goes unappreciated as victims get hung, decapitated, electrocuted, dismembered, and even barbequed alive. Torment and suffering are our goals, so step right up and join the frenzy.

Be warned. Torture Terrace is not for the faint-hearted. It's true that you might get lucky and escape with all of your limbs still attached. However if you decide to enter Torture Terrace, you do so at your own risk. Torture Terrace is a wild and dangerous place, and we cannot guarantee your safety or that you will return at all.

decrepit mansion

Cost: $3 (kids 2 and under are free)

Appropriate for all ages.

Within the walls of Decrepit Mansion lie untold secrets of the tortured souls who once called this place home. It all began in the fall of 1871 when 8-year-old Alice Malburne was found murdered in her own bed. Even after a year had passed, the rest of the family claimed they could still hear little Alice's turtured screams every night when the sun went down.

Six months after Alice's death, 15-year-old William met his demise when a bookcase fell on top of him. Two months after that, 13-year-old Florence died from poisoning. Edward, the oldest child, died the next year by electrocution, and Margaret simply disappeared a week later. One... by... one... each member of the Malburne family passed away mysteriously.

The authorities claimed that each death was an accident, but the locals know that this house is haunted. Do you dare enter this haunted house, where spirits roam free and murder abounds?

forlorn field

Cost: FREE

Appropriate for all ages.

Long before Moonlit Manor was constructed, there was a quiet little graveyard called Phantom's Rest. The graveyard lay peacefully undisturbed for hundreds of years until Moonlit Manor was built nearby.

As more and more victims of Torture Terrace were buried at Phantom's Rest, the spirits became uneasy and started an uprising. Now every evening at dusk, the spirits rise from the ground and haunt Moonlit Manor.

Whether you're an avid spirit hunter or a curious visitor, you're sure to be amazed by the spirits of Phantom's Rest.

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If you would like to help scare the living daylights out of visitors, please shoot us an email or call us or send us a text. We'd be thrilled to have you on our team.

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